Over the years I have received many positive recommendations. They include my time as a publishing support specialist, web editor for Manufacturing.net, and SEO specialist with LexisNexis, to name a few. Please see some of them below. You can read all of my recommendations on my LinkedIn page.

Andrea Lyn is efficient, thorough and creative. I could always depend upon her to provide top-notch SEO, web content, social media and other marketing assistance as needed. It was a pleasure working with her.
~Lori Lyons, Marketing Manager at Servometer

Andrea has been a great asset to my agency, providing great blog content for our site as well as some of our clients. If you are looking for someone to meet deadlines for you while providing value to your site, She’s your girl!
~Chris Mulvaney, CEO CMDS

Anrdea is one of the first people that taught me the foundation of how to do SEO. I will always be thankful for the extra time she spent trying to teach me and answer my questions which were constant must have been annoying at times. I was this way because I could tell right away she had vast experience about how to run a successful SEO campaign and was a very nice person so I became a sponge around her. I took notes on things she said because they worked and studied it to become more knowledgeable.
~Senior SEO Specialist at Cruise Critic

Andrea had a line of analysts at her desk constantly asking her questions because she is easy to talk to and is straight up honest. I was one of them and she remained patient with me. If it was not for what she taught me I would not be at the place I am at today.
~William Prout, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Internet Marketing, Content Marketing

Andrea easily fits into the category of great employees! From her first week she has been an asset to the SEO team; being able to quickly and easily grasp both the technical details of her daily tasks and the “big picture”. Add to that her ability to communicate with both clients and fellow team members alike and it is simple to see why she is such a valued member of my team.
~Charles Taylor, SEO Manager at Costume SuperCenter

Andrea is a most creative problem solver. She was always a go-to person in our organization. She has a tremendous skill set covering all areas of publishing from journalism, to the print processes, to online content and SEO. She is a quick study and on top of all software and hardware industry news and upgrades.
~Eileen Whitmore, Art Director at Advantage Business Media

Andrea works with both sides of her brain. She can crochet you a scarf as fast as she can create your website. She can fly-fish as skillfully as she can re-roll your computer. I recommend Andrea, as she is enthusiastic about her job performance and has a creative mind.
~Therese Curtin, Training Development Analyst at DoITT NYC/311